Genus Fitchiella Van Duzee, 1917

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Family Caliscelidae Amyot and Serville, 1843

Subfamily Caliscelinae Amyot and Serville, 1843

Tribe Peltonotellini Emeljanov, 2008

Genus Fitchiella Van Duzee, 1917

Type species: Naso robertsoni Fitch, 1856

  •   Naso Fitch, 1856 (nec. Lacépède, 1801) (Type species Naso robertsoni Fitch, 1856), preoccupied name replaced by Fitchiella Van Duzee, 1917 in Van Duzee, 1917: 740.

Mostly southwestern and central U.S. (uncommon elsewhere).

Distribution of Fitchiella

Distribution of Fitchiella from FLOW (as of 20 Aug 2021)

Recognized species

There are 10 recognized species [Genus: Metcalf 1958: 42]

Fitchiella albifrons Lawson, 1933: 194 – USA: AZ, TX
Fitchiella brachyrhina De Freitas, Dietrich & Takiya, 2020: 43 (here) – Mexico (Zacatecas)
Fitchiella fitchii (Melichar, 1906) – USA: CO, KS
= Naso fitchii Melichar, 1906: 19, original combination
= Fitchiella fitchii (Melichar, 1906), comb. by Van Duzee (1917: 741)
Fitchiella grandis Lawson, 1933: 197 – USA: AZ
Fitchiella mediana Lawson, 1933: 196 – USA: AZ, CA
Fitchiella melichari (Ball, 1910) – USA: AZ
= Naso melichari  Ball 1910: 42, original description
= Fitchiella melichari  (Ball, 1910), comb. by Van Duzee (1917: 741)
Fitchiella minor Lawson, 1933: 197 – USA: AZ
Fitchiella robertsoni (Fitch, 1856) (Fitch’s Elephanthopper, Robertson’s Flightless Planthopper ) – USA: AR, FL, IL?, IN, KS, MD, MO, MS, NE, NY, OH, OK, PA, TX; CAN: ON
= Naso robertsonii Fitch, 1856: 396. original description
= Fitchiella robertsonii (Fitch, 1856), comb. by Van Duzee (1917: 741)
Fitchiella rufipes Lawson, 1933: 195 – USA: AZ, CA, NM, NV, TX, UT; Mexico (Chihuahua)
Fitchiella zahniseri De Freitas, Dietrich & Takiya, 2020: 46  (here)- Panama

Economic Importance:

Limited. Fitchiella robertsoni has been considered for state or federal listing as a threatened species resulting from habitat loss (see Bess 2005).

Plant associations:
  • Fitchiella rufipes – Eragrostis curvula (Schrad.) Nees; (Weeping lovegrass; Poaceae (from Wilson & Wheeler 2010); Xanthocephalum sp. (Asteraceae) from Foster et al. 1981.
  • Fitchiella robertsoniOrbexilum onobrychis; dry barrens on hilltops and upper slopes associated with Orbexilum pedunculatum, Desmodium spp., Lespedeza, Tephrosia virginiana

Hosts from Wilson & Wheeler 2010, Foster et al. 1981; plant names from USDA PLANTS.


Genus is distinctive, head with weevil-like snout (similar to Bruchomorpha); front and middle legs modified.  Species features more difficult – Doering (1941) provides key, but she did not have all species available to her; some taxa require comparison with known specimens or review of original descriptions.

Key to Species of Fitchiella (From Lawson 1933).

1 Head process knobbed at apex … 2
1- Head process not knobbed at apex … 3

2 Light species marked with black, females 4 mm. long; fore and middle tibiae slightly expanded … robertsoni Fitch.
2- Brownish species, females 5 mm. long; fore and middle tibiae greatly expanded … fitchii Melichar.

3 Front with longitudinal white stripe [see bugguide] … albifrons Lawson
3- Front entirely dark … 4

4 Venter of head process and most of the legs reddish … rufipes Lawson
4- Venter of head process black and legs (except in minor) usually entirely black … 5

5 Head process very large and quadrate apically … grandis Lawson
5- Head process smaller and rounded apically … 6

6 Head process quite short; fore tibiae reddish … minor Lawson
6- Head process longer; fore tibiae usually dark … 7

7 Head process longer; fore tibiae very wide . . . .melichari Ball
7- Head process shorter; fore tibiae narrower . . .mediana Lawson

Fitchiella melichari

Fitchiella cf melichari (Salvador Vitanza, Cochise County, Arizona) [see Bugguide]

Fitchiella robertsoni

Fitchiella robertsoni

Fitchiella rufipes

Fitchiella rufipes (All photographs by Kimberley Shropshire, University of Delaware)

Fitchiella mediana

Fitchiella mediana on BOLD (CC BY-NC-SA CNC/BIO Photography Group 2012)

Fitchiella grandis

Fitchiella grandis on BOLD (CC BY-NC-SA CNC/BIO Photography Group 2012)

Fitchiella robertsoni

Fitchiella robertsoni on BOLD (CC BY-NC-SA CNC/BIO Photography Group 2012)

Fitchiella brachyrhina

Fitchiella brachyrhina from de Freitas et al 2021

Fitchiella zahniseri

Fitchiella zahniseri from de Freitas et al. 2021

Fitchiella from Lawson 1933

Fitchiella from Lawson 1933


Most often taken sweeping.

Molecular resources: 

As of this writing, Genbank has 4 genes for Fitchiella rufipes and one (COI barcode) for F. robertsonii; Barcode of Life has data for 3 species.

Selected references:

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