Genus Caliscelis de Laporte, 1833

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Family Caliscelidae Amyot & Serville, 1843

Subfamily Caliscelinae Amyot & Serville, 1843

Tribe Caliscelini Amyot & Serville, 1843

Genus: Caliscelis de Laporte, 1833

Type species: Caliscelis heterodoxa de Laporte, 1833; jr. syn. of Fulgora bonellii Latreille, 1807.

  •  Caloscelis Burmeister, 1835; replacement name for Caliscelis de Laporte, 1833).
  •  Phyllocnemis Schaum, 1850 (Type species Caloscelis stemmalis Burmeister, 1835); syn. with Caloscelis Burmeister 1835 by Marschall 1873: 377.
  • Mejonosoma Costa, 1834 (Type species Mejonosoma grisea Costa, 1834; jr. syn. of Fulgora bonellii Latreille, 1807); syn. by Puton 1883: 287.

Caliscelis (Bambula) Emeljanov, 2015 (Type species Caloscelis wallengreni Stål, 1863)
Caliscelis (Caliscelis) De Laporte, 1833 (Type species Fulgora bonellii Latreille, 1807)
Caliscelis (Caurca) Emeljanov, 2015 (Type species Caliscelis gissarica Kusnezov, 1930)
Caliscelis (Cerepa) Emeljanov, 2015  (Type species Caliscelis (Cerepa) carnavalis Emeljanov, 2015)
Caliscelis (Melanero) Emeljanov, 2015 (Type species Caliscelis nero Fennah, 1967)


Palearctic and Afrotropical; adventive into California, one species from this genus described from Brazil.

Recognized species

The genus was recently revised by Emeljanov (2015).  Caliscelis bonellii is adventive into California and Caliscelis stemmalis is described from Brazil; all other species are Palearctic.

Caliscelis (Bambula) Emeljanov, 2015
Caliscelis (Bambula) affinis (Fieber, 1876) – Armenia , Bulgaria, China (Xinjiang), Crimea , Italy, Romania, Russia (Sakhalin), Turkey, Ukraine
Caliscelis (Bambula) berenice Linnavuori, 1973 – Sudan(?)
Caliscelis (Bambula) chinensis Melichar, 1906 – China (Anhui, Guangxi, Zhejiang);  Russia (Primorye)
Caliscelis (Bambula) rhabdocladis Che, Wang & Zhang, 2011 – China (Beijing)
Caliscelis (Bambula) shandongensis Chen, Zhang & Chang, 2014 – China (Shandong)
Caliscelis (Bambula) swazi Gnezdilov & Bourgoin, 2009 – South Africa, Swaziland
Caliscelis (Bambula) terauchii (Matsumura, 1915) – [North] Korea, Japan (Honshu)
Caliscelis (Bambula) turbata Emeljanov, 2015 – Uzbekistan
Caliscelis (Bambula) wallengreni (Stål, 1863)  – Central and eastern Mediterranean region, southeastern Europe, steppe region of central Asia (China (Xinjiang), France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Kyrgyzstan, Romania, Russia (South European Russia [Rostov, Saratov], Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine).
   = Caliscelis triplicata Che, Wang & Zhang, 2011 synonym of Caliscelis (Bambula) wallengreni (Stål, 1863) by Emeljanov (2015)
Caliscelis (Bambula) zarudnyi Mitjaev, 1971 – Kazakhstan, Mongolia
= Caliscelis longimana Emeljanov, 1972 synonym of Caliscelis (Bambula) zarudnyi Mitjaev, 1971 by Emeljanov (2015)

Distribution of Caliscelis (Bambula)

Distribution of Caliscelis (Bambula) based of FLOW (June 7, 2017)

Caliscelis (Caliscelis) De Laporte, 1833
Caliscelis (Caliscelis) bolivari Horváth, 1904 – Portugal, Spain
  Caliscelis (Caliscelis) bonellii (Latreille, 1807)  – USA: CA (adventive); Palearctic (Mediterranean region; Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, France, Hungary, Italy (including Sardegna, Sicily), Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Yugoslavia)
Caliscelis bonellii var nigra Melichar, 1906 – Italy, Austria
Caliscelis (Caliscelis) dimidiata Costa, 1863 –  Algeria, Italy (inc. Sicily); Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Tunisia
  Caliscelis (Caliscelis) ephippiata Emeljanov, 2015 – Iran
Caliscelis (Caliscelis) maroccana Horváth, 1904 – Morocco
   Caliscelis (Caliscelis) tricolor (Costa, 1834) – Italy
Caliscelis (Caliscelis) unicolor (Costa, 1834) – Italy

Distribution of Caliscelis (Caliscelis)

Distribution of Caliscelis (Caliscelis) [excluding California] based of FLOW (June 7, 2017)

Caliscelis (Caurca) Emeljanov, 2015
   Caliscelis (Caurca) gissarica Kusnezov, 1930 – Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan
Caliscelis (Caurca) gissarica ferganensis Kusnezov, 1930 – Kyrgyzstan
Caliscelis (Caurca) gissarica ferganensis Kusnezov, 1930  – Uzbekistan
Caliscelis (Caurca) gissarica gracilis Mitjaev, 1930 – Kazakhstan

Distribution of Caliscelis (Caurca) based of FLOW

Distribution of Caliscelis (Caurca) based of FLOW (17 Dec 2019)

Caliscelis (Cerepa) Emeljanov, 2015
Caliscelis (Cerepa) carnavalis Emeljanov, 2015 – Cambodia, Vietnam
Caliscelis (Cerepa) gnezdilovi Emeljanov, 2015 – Vietnam


Distribution of Caliscelis (Cerapa) based of FLOW (June 7, 2017)

Caliscelis (Melanero) Emeljanov, 2015
Caliscelis (Melanero)  larvata Emeljanov, 2015 – South Africa (Cape Provinces [Northern Cape Province; North-West Province])
Caliscelis (Melanero) nero Fennah, 1967  – South Africa (Cape Provinces); Democratic Republic of the Congo, Lesotho (Basutoland).

Distribution of Caliscelis (Melanero) based of FLOW

Distribution of Caliscelis (Melanero) based of FLOW (June 7, 2017)

Unplaced/ not sure
Caliscelis orientalis Ouchi, 1940 – China (Hunan, Xinjiang, Zhejiang)
Caliscelis stemmalis (Burmeister, 1835)Brazil Southeast (Rio de Janeiro)

Caliscelis eximia (Stål, 1859) – in Chirodisca, according to Gnezdilov & Bourgoin (2009) (Sri lanka, India)
Caliscelis ferganensis Kusnezov, 1930 – to Caliscelis (Caurca) gissarica ferganensis Kusnezov, 1930 by Emeljanov (2015)  [Kyrgyzstan]
Caliscelis gissarica Kusnezov, 1930 to Caliscelis (Caurca) gissarica ferganensis Kusnezov, 1930  by Emeljanov (2015) [Uzbekistan.]
Caliscelis gracilis Mitjaev, 1971 previous rank of Caliscelis (Caurca) gissarica gracilis Mitjaev, 1930 according to Emeljanov (2015) [Kazakhstan ]

[Locality data from Metcalf 1958 and FLOW]

Economic Importance:


Plant associations:
  • Caliscelis bonellii – ‘presumably Poaceae’; Cynodon dactylon (L.) Pers. (Bermudagrass, Poaceae)
  • Caliscelis wallengreni – Phragmites australis (Cav.) Trin. ex Steud. (common reed, Poaceae)
  • Caliscelis (Cerepa) gnezdiloviAlpinia sp. (Zingiberales, Zingiberaceae)
  • Caliscelis (Cerepa) carnavalisArundinaria pusilla A. Chev. & A. Camus (Poales, Poaceae)

Hosts from O’Brien (1967), Holzinger et al. 2003, Wilson et al. 1994; plant names from USDA PLANTS. See also FLOW.

Parasitized by Dryinidae (Olmi 2004)


Highly distinctive among North American taxa – strong sexual dimorphism, front legs greatly modified.



Most often taken sweeping.

Molecular resources: 

No data for this genus appears  Barcode of Life (as of June 6 2017; Link to family); Genbank has data for C. wallengreni  and C. sp..

Selected references:

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