Genus Xerbus O’Brien, 1971

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Family Achilidae Stål, 1866

Subfamily Achilinae Stål, 1866

Tribe Plectoderini Fennah, 1950

Genus: Xerbus O’Brien, 1971
Type species: Catonia brunnella Ball, 1933: 137.
Synonyms: None

Southwestern US

Distribution of Xerbus from FLOW

Distribution of Xerbus from FLOW (12 Dec 2019)

Recognized species

There is 1 species currently in the genus:

Xerbus brunnellus (Ball, 1933: 137) – USA: AZ

Economic Importance:


Plant associations:

None – nymphs of achilids associated with fungus (usually in logs).  The significance of adult host association is unclear.


Rostrum as long as clypeus (versus longer); pronotum medially longer than tegulae, and mesonotum with lateral carinae bent or rounded

Xerbus brunnellus 

Xerbus brunnellus (Ball)

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Most often taken at lights.

Molecular resources: 

No data for this genus appears on GenBank or Barcode of Life.

Selected references:

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