Recent Planthopper Literature

This is a list of recent planthopper (Hemiptera: Auchenorrhyncha: Fulgoromorpha) literature, updated occasionally.  It should be considered with that of the Tymbal and other sources (although the Tymbal has stopped updating literature).   References are added as I become aware of them (while the intent is to be complete, this list should not be construed as complete).  I will eventually fix formatting idiosyncrasies.  My intention is to include all references that include planthoppers (Fulgoroidea) in the title plus any literature (including theses) with geographic, taxonomic, or biological information on planthopper species, including Coleoscytiodea and Surijokocixiodea. I include meeting abstracts if they are widely available, although I have mostly limited this to peer-reviewed literature, technical books, and documents (grey literature may be included, popular literature and field guides are not).

A brief note on preprints and pre-publishing.  For marketing reasons, some publishers release early versions of articles (composed or otherwise) and subsequently release a final version (in the same or in a subsequent calendar year). I will be compiling citations when I learn of them, then updating the publication information (traditional volume, number, and pagination for print media and its derivatives) when I discover it has been updated. Unfortunately, there will be discrepancies between the date the article is available and when it is formally published.  My intent is to use the formal year in situations where the available year and publication year are different.  Doubtless, I will make mistakes.  It is not clear to me how the multiple dates of publication impacts ‘availability’ in the nomenclatural sense, but I expect names will be made available according to the earlier date, so my intent is to annotate the year available when this is different.

Literature from the calendar year 2018 is now archived here.

Literature from the calendar year 2019 is now archived here.

Searchable bibliography, planthopper Literature (1940-present) here.

Note: Always a little behind. Updates periodic.

Planthopper literature published (or found) March-April 2021

Anant, A.K., G. Guru-Pirasanna-Pandi, M. Jena, G. Chandrakar, P. Chidambaranathan, S. Raghu, G.B. Gowda, M. Annamalaia, N. Patila, T. Adaka, N. Ramasamya, and P.C. Ratha. 2021. Genetic dissection and identification of candidate genes for brown planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens (Delphacidae: Hemiptera) resistance in farmers’ varieties of rice in Odisha. Crop Protection 144: 105600.

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Eyvazi, A., A. Massah, A. Soorni, and G. Babaie. 2021. Molecular phylogenetic analysis shows that causal agent of maize rough dwarf disease in Iran is closer to rice black-streaked dwarf virus. European Journal of Plant Pathology (2021): 1-15. [Loadelphax striatellus]

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Planthopper literature published (or found) January-early March 2021. (Items dated 2020 were added to Nov.-Dec. 2020)

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