A common catch

Phishing_Scam_2-25-14As the snow and ice at UD begin to melt, more phish are making their way here.

Pretty standard stuff. First, if this actually came from whoever manages your email, it’d have your name on it.

The link goes to tripod.com, which is a pay-to-use web hosting service. UD systems are hosted on udel.edu. No system emails will ever come from pay-to-use domains, so beware of links to outside sites.

Now, after you’ve read the email, you’ll realize the subject and content don’t match. If your mailbox was almost full, why would the email content warn you about suspicious account activity?

To top it all off, there are plenty of spelling and grammatical errors throughout. For example, “with 24hour” (oh, time limits are another common phishing trick; they create a false sense of urgency).

It’s best to let phish like this swim past you. For more posts about scams like this one, check out the Email Accounts category on this blog.

Alex Lindstrom