A standard phish makes a good reminder

This morning, some standard phish were swimming into UDel inboxes. Here’s a screen shot of one that amazes me — not a particularly good one, but the scammers find that it still works:

Sample Phishing Scam

Click the image to see a larger version.

We’ve highlighted some of the tell-tale signs, so that even if you didn’t know your email quota is higher than that mentioned in this scam, you can see what to look for. The non-UDel URL you see when you hover your mouse over the link is a dead giveaway. Ditto getting email about your email from someone at “snead.edu.” And why would UD be sending you email with the word “Warning” marked as a trademark? And marked as copyrighted by Microsoft?

Speaking of reminders, the SANS tip of the day at the website is a succinct summary of what to look for in phishing scams. It also includes links to two quizzes to help you see if you can recognize a phishing scam:

  1. Washington Post Phishing Quiz
  2. SonicWALL Phishing IQ Test

Two fun quizzes to improve your “Phishing IQ”!

Bottom line: When you get email with a link in it or asking for personal information or telling your to “click here” to fix a problem with your account, take a minute to examine the message. Think B4 U Click!

Richard Gordon