A school of phish

Have you ever received 14 job offers in 24 hours? Chances are, the answer is “no”.

Click smaller image for a larger version.

They are clearly scams without even opening the email. The first line of each email starts with “We have an opening” or “While welcoming you to this hiring process”. Different people would not send identical email messages to your Google Apps @UDel.edu  account about career opportunities, especially if you did not submit any applications.

Here is an example of one of the email messages:

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There are a few things in the message that proves it is a phishing scam:

  • The email is asking for personal information.
  • There are grammar errors.
  • Your name is not in the message.
  • The message does not mention a specific position or company.
  • If you did not apply for anything, why are they offering you a job?

Thomas Joseph Springer III