Phishers hook Delaware accounts

A phishing attack with the subject line “Important Message About Your University of Delaware Account” has been seen in UD email boxes.

The message looks similar to the following:

From: University of Delaware
Date: Tue, Sep 17, 2013 at 7:34 AM
Subject: Important Message About Your University of Delaware Account


We regret to inform you that recently we are unable to verify your webmail account with us

We therefore implore you to confirm your webmail details by clicking our secure site link below

To avoid permanent webmail account suspension

Thank you.

University of Delaware

This message is clearly a scam because the email is not addressing a specific person and there are no punctuation marks. Most importantly, it is asking you to change your email information by clicking a link in the message.

The University of Delaware will never ask you to change your email or account information through a link in an email.

Thomas Joseph Springer III