Plenty of phish, not many “new ones”….

UD email continues to receive a steady stream of phishing email, most of it in the form of email that pretends to be from a reputable company, including stolen logo images, with links that do not take you to the company’s Web site.

For example, in this “eFaxCorporate” scam that has been going around the Internet for several months, a UD email list receives a message that you have received a fax and you should click this link to retrieve said fax. As the screenshot below indicates, if you hover your mouse over the link, you’ll see that the link takes you someplace you don’t want to go–a pharming site to harvest your information!

Fake eFaxCorporate phishing email

If you hover your mouse over the alleged efaxcorporate link, you’ll see that if you were to click it, you’d go to a pharming site in Brazil. (Click the small image to see a full size screenshot.)

More information about the eFaxCorporate scam:

Richard Gordon