Fake SpamCop email: Don’t let them harvest your info

Here’s a scam we’ve not seen recently. The scammers are claiming that your network is allegedly riddled with spambots–stolen computer accounts that are being used for remote-controlled sending of unsolicited commercial email–or worse.

Fake SpamCop Message

Don’t click the link in this message! Just delete it. Click on the small image to see the full-size screenshot of this scam.

Follow the link in this message and you will have verified your email address for the scammers. No good can come of that. If you’re lucky, all that will happen is that the scammer will begin sending out spam spoofing your email address; people all across the globe will think they are receiving unsolicited email from you.

Sometimes, email like this one is used to get you to respond in such a way that your computer can be attacked by malware or your email account can be stolen.

See this message? Just delete it.

Richard Gordon