Another school year begins. Don’t fall for email scams!

Over the past week, we’ve seen multiple variations of phishing scams like this one:

"Too many login attempts" phishing scam

Don’t fall for this scam! (Click image to see full message.)

At the beginning of a new school year, we tend to see a lot of scams like this one, or the ever popular scam:

“Your UDel email is over quota. Click here to verify your account information.”

These are scams designed to take advantage of the naivete of freshpersons and new employees. The scammers are trying to harvest your UD login credentials to steal your identity or to use your account to launch attacks on others. Do not click the links or reply to the email messages. Just delete them.

For more information, browse this blog or visit our formal Avoid phishing scams Web pages.

Richard Gordon