Another Verizon phishing scam

We all recognize email like this one as a phishing scam, right?

  • No legitimate company is going to send a billing notice to a list of customers with all the customer’s email addresses visible to each other.
  • Standard shock treatment. You’re supposed to react, “Oh, No! Someone charged over $1300 to my AmEx card to pay their phone bill!” Then click the link to let the scammers harvest your personal info. Don’t fall for the scam:
    Today's Verizon Wireless Scam

    Click the image to see this scam full size. Note that the link doesn't go anywhere Verizon would want you to go. Nor where you should go.

  • See this scam? Delete it.
  • Not sure if a message like this one is a scam? Log in to your account at the alleged sender’s Web site and check your account.
  • Fall for this scam? As soon as you can, contact the companies or institutions whose account information you provided to the scammers.

Richard Gordon