Same old scams this month

So far this month, we’ve not seen a lot of especially dangerous spam in our inboxes. We’ve seen a lot of “repeat scams”:

Most banks, utilities, and major corporations send you secure messages at their web sites and ask you re reply with a secure message using their web site. No one at UD or any other legitimate entity will ever ask you to submit your password in email.

Bottom line: if a message asks you to send personal information back via email, delete it.

As promised above, here’s a sample of an email scam. It’s a pretty easy one to spot (typos, not bothering to spoof a address, fractured grammar, etc.) See one like it? Delete it.

From: 	IT Services Update! <>
Subject: [ESC7-SPAM] Account Update!
Date: 	January 27, 2012 4:15:18 AM EST
Account Update!
Dear Email User
This message is from Information Technology Services of This EMAIL to all our Staff. 
We are currently upgrading our database and e-mail center and this is our final
notification to you.we have sent several messages to you without response.
We are deleting all unused Mail account to create space for new accounts. In
order not to be suspended, you will have to update your account by providing 
the information listed below:

Confirm Your E-Mail Details..
User name: ..................
Re Confirm Password:.............

If you fail to confirm your continuous usage of our services by confirming your email
password now, your account will be disable and you will not be able to access 
your email.

You should immediately reply this email: and enter your password
in the above password column.
Thanks for your understanding.
IT Services

Richard Gordon