CHEM 446 (Physical Chemistry Laboratory II)

Physical methods for studying properties of matter.

PREREQ:  CHEM 120, or CHEM 220 and CHEM 221.  RESTRICTION: To be taken concurrently with or subsequent to CHEM 419 or CHEM 444.

REQUIRED SAFETY TRAINING:  Students must complete required safety training prior to your first laboratory class.  This training consists of multiple sections followed by a quiz.  The quiz must be completed successfully, and proof of completion must be provided to the laboratory instructor before a student is allowed to participate in the laboratory exercises.  To access the training, go to:  The training you must complete prior to the first laboratory session is called Basic Right-To-Know Safety Training for Undergraduate Teaching Laboratory Students.  Students are encouraged to read the complete directions for accessing the program:

CHEM 446 Introduction Schedule of Experiments
Instructors Analysis of Uncertainty
Format of Laboratory Reports Example Report
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Schedule of Experiments

Section 020L Section 021L Section 022L Section 023L


Click on the number to see the write-up on any experiment

Experiment Title Reference
0 Statistical Treatment of Data
1 Surface Tension of Liquids pp. 299 – 308 in GNS; pp. 279-290 in Halpern
3 Dipole Moments pp. 336 – 346 in GNS; pp. 430-499 in White
6 Vibration-Rotation Spectroscopy pp. 416 – 424 in GNS; pp. 567-583 in Halpern; pp. 354-363 in White
7 Kinetics of Methylene Blue Reduction
8 Size of a Molecule from Viscosity Measurements pp. 127-128 in Wilson et al.


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