About the program

For many years, PBL@UD has offered a three-day introduction to problem-based learning, so teachers can experience this approach and begin to develop lessons for their own classrooms. These workshops draw participants from the local area, but also from around the country and from other nations. We are again offering this workshop, since it has proved so valuable to so many faculty members. This is a systematic introduction to the methods of problem-based learning.

We always begin with a problem, and participants will work in teams to experience first-hand what this instructional approach entails. We will model approaches to setting learning outcomes, designing effective problems, facilitating student teamwork, working with near-peer tutors, integrating communication activities, building information literacies, working through technologies, and assessing outcomes. We will help participants begin writing effective problems. Participants will leave the session with new or revised problems for use in their courses.

We also want to make this workshop useful for those who are experienced in PBL and wish to interact with other experienced practitioners. We will feature a series of more specialized workshops and panel discussions on specific topics.

To learn more about PBL, visit the PBL@UD website.

“I’ve really appreciated these sessions—you always do a great job. Experience-it-yourself exercise was very illustrative and helpful.”

—PBL@UD participant

“An outstanding few days—greatly enjoyable, immensely useful.”

—PBL@UD participant