2013 Summer Workshop

High School Teachers: Grades 9-12

You will be introduced to classroom materials designed for the new AP CS exam coming in 2016. Collaboratively create, critique, and practice teaching some initial learning modules, and create partnerships among teachers, university faculty and undergraduates, and selected G9-12 students who can also serve as peer mentors to other students during the upcoming school year.

High School Student: Grades 9-12

High School teachers, do you have students who would be good classroom assistants or peer mentors? Students in Grades 9 – 12 will be introduced to the CS Principles software and concepts and go back to their schools as resources to fellow students. Students will also have the opportunity to network with undergraduates and graduate students, tour research labs, and learn more about what it is like to major in computing fields or interdisciplinary fields involving CS.

Middle School Teachers: Grades 6-8

You will focus on learning and teaching computing concepts with emphasis on middle school level and inspiring students to become creators. We will focus on the skills required to integrate computing concepts with existing mathematics and science curricula, starting with creating games and moving to simulations using languages such as Snap! or Scratch.

Guidance Counselors and Principals

You will learn more about the many careers in computing, how to describe to students the potential impacts that students with computing skills can have on the world, how to prevent students from shying away from the field due to stereotypes, and pathways and opportunities for all students.