Meet the Team

Project Investigators

Lori Pollock

Alumni Distinguished Professor, Computer and Information Sciences, University of Delaware

Dr. Pollock has significant experience and commitment to the teaching of CS, undergraduate student mentoring, and teaching and undergraduate research. In addition to graduate students, she has successfully engaged and mentored 52 undergraduates in individual research (28 female and 24 male students) for 22 years and was awarded the University of Delaware Excellence in Teaching Award in 2001 and ACM SIGSOFT Influential Educator Award in 2016. She serves on the 2016 CSTA Task Force to revise the K-12 CS Standards. Dr. Pollock continuously mentors women in CS through her leadership involvement in CRA-W and Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing. She was the PI on the NSF BPC grant, which created a CS service learning model and the PI on the NSF Partner4CS grant. She will lead the project team coordination and Summit organization.

Terry Harvey

Associate Professor (Teaching Track), Computer and Information Sciences, University of Delaware

Dr. Harvey implements research-based teaching practices for CS at UD. He has been involved with broadening participation and CS for HS and MS since 2009. He addresses classroom issues for under-represented groups at the University of Delaware through his adoption of teaching strategies to minimize group performance differences (e.g. Problem-Based Learning, clickers, and group projects). His Software Engineering classes work with real clients, developing projects to make the world a better place. He has worked with the graduate women’s student group (CISters) and was instrumental in the group’s development of outreach programs for undergraduates. He was awarded the University’s Excellence in Teaching Award in 2009. He was co-PI on the NSF BPC grant, which created a CS service learning model, and a co-PI on the NSF Partner4CS grant.

Chrystalla Mouza

Professor of Instructional Technology in the School of Education at the University of Delaware

Dr. Mouza’s research focuses on the design and empirical study of pre-service and in-service teacher preparation experiences on the use of technology. Much of her work focuses on urban teachers and the ways in which they can use computing with disadvantaged students as a means to improve access to digital resources. Dr. Mouza is the recipient of the 2010 Distinguished Research in Teacher Education Award from the Association of Teacher Educators and serves as Chair of the AERA Technology as an Agent of Change in Teaching and Learning Special Interest Group. Dr. Mouza served as a co-PI on the NSF Partner4CS grant. She will lead the educational research efforts and coordinate data collection with the evaluator.

Former Project Investigators

James Atlas

Assistant Professor (Teaching Track), Computer and Information Sciences, University of Delaware

Dr. Atlas is a committed educator who emphasizes curriculum and pedagogical approaches to introductory CS. He is engaged in the national discussion on the CSP course for all majors. He has developed impactful curriculum for many of the department’s introductory courses, including courses on object-oriented programming using Android game development, Python programming for engineers, and data structures and algorithms using real-world scenarios. He employs many pedagogical approaches to establish active and engaged learning including self-reflection, pair programming, peer critique, kinesthetic activities, outreach experiences, and problem-based learning. He is a 2012 winner of the University’s Excellence in Teaching Award. Dr. Atlas served as a co-PI on the NSF Partner4CS grant. He will lead the CSP Track 1-week F2F expansion in collaboration with Jen Rosato.

Professor Atlas has relocated, and is now a Senior Professor at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand.

Project Evaluator


Delaware Education Research & Development Center

The Delaware Education Research and Development Center conducts high quality research and human service evaluations. Since 1993, they have served as a bridge from the university to schools, human service providers, policymakers, and the wider community. The DERDC staff develops each project in partnership with their clients, which include educational institutions, non-profit groups, foundations, and local, state and federal government agencies. DERDC draws upon a variety of research and evaluation models and methods to help clients clarify and meet the specific needs of their projects. DERDC falls within the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Delaware, and conducts many projects in partnership with other centers and individuals from the college.

Advisory Board

Jeff Gray – Professor in Computer Science, University of Alabama

Robin Angotti – Professor in Mathematics, University of Washington

Tammy Pirman – CSTA District Representative, Montgomery County, PA

James Sekcienski – Delaware CSTA Representative

Brooks Twilley – CSP Teacher Representative

Judson Wagner – State of Delaware STEM Council Representative

Lou Mignione – School District STEM Leader Representative