Field Experience Course


Each semester, a 1-3 credit service-learning course is offered at the University of Delaware that provides mentoring and leadership opportunities for undergraduates to teach 6-12 grade students the core principles and concepts of computer science. The undergraduate participants are invited to become active in classrooms by planning, assisting, and even teaching in local middle and high schools. Students from computer science, math education, and education majors can enroll in this course. Undergraduates are expected to reflect on their experiences and collaborate on new ideas for teaching the different CS principles and concepts.  The course is staffed by our team PI’s and Co-PI’s.

Learning Objectives


  • Understand education standards such as common core and how CS curriculum ties into these standards
  • Become comfortable observing and evaluating teaching of CS lessons
  • Assist a lead teacher in execution of a CS lesson plan o be comfortable developing, planning, and assessing a CS lesson plan
  • Gain experience in a lead role in execution of a CS lesson plan
  • Collate a set of lesson plans to form a CS module


  • Collaborate effectively with a team of education specialists
  • Develop proficiency in presenting an argument for CS education in K-12
  • Be proficient at reflecting on teaching, planning, and educational research o gain experience in public speaking with student and teacher audiences

CS Education…

  • Develop awareness of challenges/strategies in the CS10K project
  • Gain knowledge of models and approaches to integrating computer science at national, state, district, and classroom scale
  • Learn the importance of role and impact of assessment in education and appreciate the history of CS in constructive learning approaches

CS Curriculum…

  • Become aware of existing curriculum for teaching computer science for K-12 including AP:CSP and ECS
  • Explain core ideas in each of the 7 CS principles areas
  • Develop functional skills in using software tools to express/model K-8 CS problem solving skills