An increasing number of Delaware high schools offer computer science courses. Still, there’s more work to be done to ensure that every child in the First State has the opportunity to learn computing skills that are essential for success in our modern economy.

That’s why state leaders, industry and business partners, nonprofits, district administrators, college counselors, school administrators, K-12 teachers and higher education faculty convened for the Delaware Computer Science Education Summit, held on March 28, 2019 at the University of Delaware’s Clayton Hall. Together, leaders

discussed ways to increase access to computer science education in Delaware and shared best practices from their experience teaching computing to the next generation.

The summit was co-organized by Lori Pollock, Alumni Distinguished Professor of Computer and Information Sciences, and Chrystalla Mouza, Distinguished Professor of Teacher Education. Mouza and Pollock are co-principal investigators, along with associate professor of computer and information sciences Terry Harvey, on a three-year $997,348 grant that focuses on computer-science-related professional development for teachers. Through their program Partner4CS, they conduct educational research, affect policy change, and support teachers in their efforts to develop high-quality computer science courses.

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