2022 Summer PD


Partner4CS Summer Professional Development Opportunity Flyer

When: June 21-24, 2022

Where: Clayton Hall, UDelaware Newark campus

Pay: $25 per hour

Applications by March 30 are prioritized.

The application link is OPEN!



Workshop Objectives

  • Model practical classroom activities to teach computational thinking in algorithms, data, abstraction, programming, and internet
  • Model activities on Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity/Data Privacy, and their ethical implications in society
  • Provide training sessions in specific technologies, including beginning and advanced Scratch, Python, and HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Model proven good pedagogy for teaching computer science concepts so students improve their thinking and problem solving skills
  • Build a community of learners who teach computational thinking in K-12

This Conference is Designed for...

K-12 Teachers who want to improve technical Computer Science skills and learn CS pedagogy. Teachers can choose from different sessions for beginners to those who have been teaching CS at every level K-12. Stay tuned.