What’s Hot HL Issue 10

Black spot on roses. Photo by: Brian Kunkel, Ornamentals IPM specialist, University of Delaware.

Powdery Mildew on common lilac. Photo by: Whitney Cranshaw, Colorado State University, Bugwood.org.

Fire blight on pear. Photo by: Nancy Gregory, Plant Diagnostician, University of Delaware.

Elm pouch gall (caused by aphids).

Elm pouch gall (caused by aphids). Photos of elm pouch galls by: Brian Kunkel, Ornamentals IPM Specialist, University of Delaware.

Rose slug sawfly feeding damage. Photo by: Tracy Wooten, Sussex County Extension Agent – Horticulture, University of Delaware.

Rose slug sawfly. Photo by: John A. Weidhass, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Bugwood.org.

Disease Hotline Issue 21

Drought and heat effects on perennials – Hosta

Photo by Gordon Johnson, University of Delaware
Brown patch produces characteristic symptoms on tall fescue leaves: irregularly shaped lesions that are tan in color with a dark brown border.

From a distance, brown patch appears in brown, tan, or yellow patches ranging from 6 inches to several feet in diameter. The infected leaves typically remain upright, rather than collapsing to the ground.
Brown Patch Pictures From North Carolina State University Plant Pathology Extension

Turfgrass Disease Information Note 15 (TURF-015)

Powdery Mildew on Lilac
Photo from Iowa State University Plant Disease Clinic