Insect Hotline Issue 22


White prunicola or white peach scale on twigs of host.  Males cover the twigs and give the plant a ‘snowy appearnce’.

live f and m dead malefemale and cover

Close examination of an infestation (picture on the left) would reveal males (elongate and yellow), rounded and yellow, and dead male (dead from pesticide application; elongate and tannish brown). Picture on left is a close-up of the scale cover lifted off of a female white peach or white prunicola scale.

wps covered female with eggs WPS Gen2 Flipped20xB

Picture on left above is of a female laying eggs with the cover still in place.  Picture on right is same female but the scale covering (the ‘test’) removed.  All photos were taken by Nancy Gregory, plant diagnostician and Brian Kunkel, Ornamentals IPM Extension Specialist, University of Delaware

acrypt damage acryptmeria scale closeup

Picture on left shows banding on fir caused by Cryptomeria scale (photo by Brian Kunkel) and the picture on the right is a close-up of the infestation the undersides of the leaves (photo provided by:  Lorraine Graney, Bartlett Tree Experts,

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