Insect Hotline Issue 12


Bagworms in the “dunce cap” stage.  B. t. and Conserve provide good control at this stage.


Bagworm infestation with bags already drooping down.


Damage from bagworm feeding (Photo by: T. Simms).

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Bag with green foliage incorporated into it suggests a live caterpillar inside the bag.  Insect growth regulators (Dimilin or Confirm), Acelepryn, Conserve (depending on bag/caterpillar size and population density) pyrethroids, acephate or carbaryl provide good control against larger caterpillars.  Caterpillar feeding is usually finished by mid-August, consequently hand picking in September – May is a good method to reduce next season’s populations.  Photos provided by:  Brian Kunkel, University of Delaware

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