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Life after #udsnf12

Now that the semester is over, I’d like all of you to notice something:

You didn’t have to spend a single cent on a textbook for this class! 

That’s great, right? Well, since you could have expected to spend up to $200 in learning materials, why not consider to spend some of that money on some of the following suggestions, listed on a brand new Pinterest board curated by your instructor? Most suggestions are books, but some also involve making donations to non-profits or ways to get involved.

Let me know in the comments if you are planning on following up on some of my suggestions, or suggest one of your own as a comment!


P.S.: I have released the participation grades (in-class and online). If you don’t agree with your grade, please use Canvas to make your case for a grade revision.

P.S.2: I’m still waiting for my first rating on Rate My Professors (I am NOT kidding). Expecting peppers (now, I’m kidding). Also, connect with me on LinkedIn, where I’ll write recommendation for the most deserving students.