July 6, 2019

Cultural Excursion in Shanghai

June 28, 2019 On June 25-28, the UDNSLIY students had a cultural excursion in Shanghai, where they visited Dr. Sun Yat-Sen’s former residence (Dr. Sun Yat-Sen was China’s George Washington), Shanghai Museum, Jade Buddha Temple, Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition, the Old City of Shanghai, Oriental Pearl Tower and Shanghai Bund, etc. Pictures taken at the […]

July 6, 2019

Shanghai – The City of Lights

By Young Journalist_A.J. Camacho, June 26, 2019 The Oriental Pearl Tower never really gets old. From that first time I stood on the observation deck, overwhelmed by the mass of high-rises that was Shanghai, its grandeur has only slightly eroded––like a few peddles descending the Cliffs of Dover. From there you can see it all, […]

June 26, 2019

Pre-Departure Orientation in Newark: The Adventure Begins!

By Young Journalist_Bella Wexler, June 22-24, 2019 At 8:00 am on the long-anticipated morning of June 23rd, 2019, we program participants from across the country met each other for the first time… minus AJ whose several unfortunate flight delays led him to be introduced to us that evening, instead. Chatting over a generous Hilton breakfast, […]

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