The 2017 Diversity Summit took place on June 20, 2017. Be sure to stay tuned for information regarding the 2018 Diversity Summit!


Get Involved!

Do you have questions about what diversity means and why it matters? Come join us!

Are you passionate about social justice and looking for ways to grow? Come join us!

Are you interested in developing your leadership skills? Come join us!

Would you like to think about how to work more effectively with your colleagues? Come join us!

Summit Overview

Employees at the University of Delaware serve as the guiding force for change and the work they do is valued in all corners of campus. Professional development and leadership development are key to employee success, and key to advancing the mission of the university. Our university’s focus on diversity and inclusion is one aspect of that development, which is why the Office of Equity & Inclusion and Professional and Continuing Studies are teaming up to provide this engaging, rewarding, and important diversity learning opportunity for all staff at the University of Delaware. Supervisors and managers are encouraged to attend and support team members in attending this exciting diversity event and bring back the knowledge and skills they learn to the rest of the team. The conference will feature exciting speakers, engaging dialogue, and opportunities for personal reflection as we come together to understand what diversity and inclusion means for us, and what it means for the Blue Hen Community. In coming together and opening ourselves to new ideas, new experiences, and new opportunities, we demonstrate true Blue Hen spirit!

Summit Goals
  1. Allow participants to learn from each other in an open and safe environment.
  2. Allow participants to learn more about how to understand and appreciate difference.
  3. Expose participants to alternative ways of thinking and seeing the world.
  4. Create an environment for participants to ensure that diversity, in its many forms, is understood, respected and valued in all facets of the university community
  5. Provide participants with an opportunity to think about what they can do to improve the UD community and beyond.
  6. Allow participants to network with each other and broaden their UD community.
Summit Schedule

Clayton Hall- 100 David Hollowell Dr, Newark, DE 19716

8:00AM- 9:00AM: registration & continental breakfast

9:00AM- 9:10AM: opening remarks- Jennifer Daniels & Adam Foley, Office of Equity & Inclusion

9:10AM- 9:40AM: opening keynote- Dr. Carol Henderson, Vice Provost for Diversity, University of Delaware

9:50AM- 11:00AM: Session #1- Dr. Lisa Jaremka, Assistant Professor, Psychological & Brain Sciences

11:15AM- 12:30PM: Lunch & discussion

12:15PM- 1:00PM: keynote speaker- Dr. Tony Allen, Communications Executive, Bank of America/ Board of Trustees, University of Delaware

1:15PM- 2:15PM: Session #2- Dr. Kassra A.R. Oskooii, Assistant Professor, Political Science and International Relations

2:15PM- 2:30PM: coffee break/ snacks

2:30PM- 3:30PM: Action Planning

3:30PM: closing remarks/ charge


When is the summit? June 20th, 8:00AM- 3:30PM

Where is the summit? The summit will be located on the first floor of Clayton Hall on the Newark Campus of the University of Delaware

How much does registration cost? The overall cost for the summit is $49. Employees may pay through their departments or individually.

Are meals provided? A light continental breakfast and lunch will be provided. Please indicate any dietary needs on the registration form.

Will dietary restrictions be taken into account? Absolutely! Please let us know on your registration.

Is the summit location accessible? Clayton Hall is accessible. If you require specific accommodations, please let us know via the registration form and/or contact us directly.

Who is eligible to register? The summit is open to all University of Delaware staff members, exempt and non-exempt.

Learn More About Our Keynote Speakers!

Click to learn more about Dr. Carol Henderson, Vice Provost for Diversity at the University of Delaware

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Clayton Hall

Learn More About Our Keynote Speakers!

Click to learn more about Dr. Tony Allen, Communications Executive, Bank of America, and Board of Trustees Member, University of Delaware

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