The members of the Respect Committee include:

OCM: Holly Norton

Disability Support Services: Anne Jannarone

Equity & Inclusion: Jennifer Daniels

Equity & Inclusion: Jessica Rickmond*

Facilities, Real Estate & Auxiliary Services: Sheila Boyle 

Jo Alice Casapulla 

Banlusack Phommachanh

Faculty: Thomas Powers

Graduate Student Senate: Cesar Caro

Human Resources: Patty Fogg*

Cecily Sawyer Harmon

Information Technology: Kate Webster

LGBTQ CaucusKarla Bell

The Libraries: Julie Brewer

Student Government Association: Matthew Rojas

Student Life: Katie Rizzo

UDPD: Jeff Evans

* indicates co-chair

Statement of Respect & Responsibility

The University of Delaware community values both personal and academic freedom.  Each member of the campus community has the responsibility to promote an atmosphere in which the free exchange of ideas and opinions can flourish.  All members have the right to benefit from this atmosphere.  We realize these values by learning from individual and collective differences, and by engaging with every human being, through:

  • RESPECT: We value individual differences, intersections of identities and life experiences.  Understanding inclusion means listening to various viewpoints, which strengthens our community and supports our intellectual growth.
  • CULTURE: We ensure a welcoming campus culture that advocates for each individual’s voice to be heard.
  • GROWTH: We seek self-awareness to strengthen connections and relationships with others.  We engage in open dialogue that builds trust and support.
  • INTEGRITY: We pride ourselves on honesty and transparency.  Leadership, accountability, and professionalism nurture a positive campus climate and community.
  • ENGAGEMENT: We collaborate with local, national and international communities to make significant contributions through research, teaching, learning and service.

In joining the UD community, we understand and acknowledge the importance of embracing this Statement of Respect and Responsibility.

Respect Committee Charge

The Respect Committee was charged to explore avenues of incorporating respect throughout the University of Delaware.  The work of the committee will result in the development of recommendations in order to implement a meaningful culture change on campus. The recommendations impact the entire campus community in regards to how we work, study, teach and interact with one another on a regular basis regardless of affiliation to campus: faculty, staff or student.

An executive summary of the work of the Respect Committee can be found here. Visitors are also encouraged to visit the University of Delaware Values page for a complete overview of the university values that help guide all actions.

Respect & Responsibility Resources

Carrots and Sticks Don’t Work


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