The University of Delaware kNOw MORE campaign is a reflection of the efforts by UD faculty, staff, and students to stand up, participate, and help to raise awareness about sexual misconduct and gender-based violence. Our goal is to create and foster an environment where sexual misconduct in any form is unacceptable and survivors are supported.

As a part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month during April, the campaign will be sponsoring a book club as a means of providing open and honest conversation about sexual assault and rape culture more broadly. We will be reading Kate Harding’s widely acclaimed book, “Asking for It: The Alarming Rise of Rape Culture — And What We Can Do About It”.

In Asking for It, Kate Harding combines in-depth research with a frank, no-holds-barred voice to make the case that twenty-first-century America supports rapists more effectively than it supports victims. From institutional failures in higher education to real-world examples of rape culture, Harding offers ideas and suggestions for how we, as a society, can take sexual violence much more seriously without compromising the rights of the accused.

We will be meeting on the following two dates, and would love to have anyone in the university community join us for this important conversation!

Register Now! 

4/10/19: 4:00pm- 5:30pm, Perkins Collins Room (Chapters 1-6)
4/25/19: 4:00pm- 5:30pm, Perkins Ewing Room (Chapters 7- 11)

The book can be purchased using the Amazon link below, and is also available from the University of Delaware library as an ebook. We will have a limited number of free copies available as well, and you can indicate your interest below.


UD Library:

We hope to see you there for a thought-provoking dialogue! All faculty, staff, and students are welcome to attend.

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