Please join us as we read Michael Eric Dyson’s What Truth Sounds Like and come together as a UD community to engage in meaningful dialogue around issues of race in America. It is of the utmost importance, now more than ever, that we continue to look for opportunities to engage in dialogue as we look to shape the world around us with inclusive excellence in mind. UD’s commitment to inclusive excellence calls on each of us to thoughtfully consider the role we play in our community as educators and leaders. Our time together will provide an opportunity to engage with folks from all corners of the university and consider where we’ve been and where we are going.

Registration is open to anyone at the University of Delaware, and a limited number of books are available for those in need.

Register here:

We will meet on the following dates:

2/28/19 3PM- 4:30PM- Perkins Ewing Room (Chapters 1-3, pp. 1-86) 

3/27/19 12PM- 1PM- Perkins Gallery Room (Chapters 4-6, pp. 87-184)

5/1/19 3PM- 4:30PM- Perkins Collins Room (Chapters 7-9, pp. 185-278)

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