As many of you know, beyond a written policy, the university has been working hard on matters pertaining to sexual misconduct not only on our campus, but working state-wide with other constituents.  I think it is important to note that at UD, we have created a climate that encourages reporting which is seen in an increased number of reports over the recent years.

We have established a brand for sexual misconduct, kNOw MORE, that raises awareness about sexual misconduct focusing our efforts on students as well as our employees.  Student Life leads the Sexual Assault Prevention and Education (SAPE) Committee which plans programming and events to further educate our student population in this area.  Finally, we have been working with our campus partners and Greek life to educate chapter leaders on being an active bystander.  This has also been incorporated into this year’s First Year Experience curriculum!

In light of the recent comments from the Department of Education, the university strives to conduct a fair and equitable process for all parties involved in matters of sexual misconduct and I believe our policy reflects that balance.

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