Photo Services

OCM provides digital photography services to the University of Delaware community. Professional photographers are available for portraits, events coverage and other special photography needs. To request University photography, complete the Request for Service form. Please allow reasonable notice (not less than 10 days). This assists with our ability to schedule and assign photographers. Late requests (less than 5 days) may result in a photographer not being available.

Campus partners are charged for the cost of materials for each assignment and should specify on the Request for Service form how they would prefer to have their images delivered. For publicity photos and limited numbers of images – the University’s Dropbox system works well and is recommended to keep costs low. Although the client has first rights to the images, all original images remain the property of the University of Delaware.

Model Releases

Model releases are required for identifiable subjects in photo shoots and there are two types of model releases: adult releases for subjects over the age of 18 and minor releases for subjects younger than 18. Minor releases require the signature of a subject’s parent or legal guardian to be valid. When requested by OCM, it will be the responsibility of the campus partner submitting the request to obtain model releases in advance of photo shoot.

Photographer Credit

UD photographers are credited as “University of Delaware” and not themselves, as they do not own the photos personally. No credit lines are given near the photos when presented digitally, but only when in print form. No logos, watermarks or company marks are allowed on the photos themselves.


OCM schedules photographers based on how critical the proposed photos would be to external communications for the University.  It is no longer the case that all 2 hour photo shoots are complimentary. OCM will exercise some judgment in determining whether the photos have external value to the University before agreeing to schedule a complimentary photo shoot.

Photo Process

  • In most cases, OCM will continue to take photos of the important work and activities across campus at no charge. Examples might include photos of student and faculty research, newsworthy events, imagery to accompany articles in The Messenger or for use in admissions materials.
  • When in need of a photographer, an office, department, or college should submit the Request for Service – Photo Shoot Request web form at least ten business days in advance of a requested photo shoot. OCM will be in touch with the client with an estimate at least three days prior to the requested photo shoot date and will let the requester know if they can accommodate the request and if there will be any charges. The form should be filled out as thoroughly as possible, especially in the description area.
    • This would include whether the shoot is indoors or outdoors, in a hallway, whether the lighting is low, under fluorescent lights, etc.
    • A brief description of itinerary
    • Be sure to enter the correct times of the events or photo shoot time. Please allow enough time to have everything shot that needs to be covered in a reasonable manner.
    • Date and start time photographer is needed and an approximate finish time.
    • Location where event will take place, including building name and room number on campus and directions to the site if off-campus, noting any special instructions.
    • Name and phone number of contact person at the photo shoot.
    • Name, phone number and e-mail address of person to contact in advance for detailed information.
    • Type of end-product needed: black and white print, color print, color slide or digital image. If digital, indicate format desired (.tif, .jpg, .gif, DPI, size in inches and Mac or PC compatibility.)
    • Specifics of shot, including detailed information of what will take place, the location for the photograph, how many individuals will be in the photo, if multiple photographs will be required, etc.
  • Headshots will also be requested through this web form.
  • Individual headshots will be taken in the Academy Building basement at a scheduled time and are free of charge.
  • Headshots outside of the Academy Building are available to groups larger than 20 people and will be charged at the hourly rate of $75.
  • Groups smaller than 20 people can come to the Academy Building at a scheduled time for a one-hour shoot (in groups of six people) and will not be charged.
  • Shoots are scheduled in 30-minute increments, with a minimum shoot time of one hour.
  • OCM’s staff photographers will download photos and edit images [30 minutes per 60 minutes of shoot time].
  • Normal business hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
  • Anything outside of normal business hours will be charged an hourly rate of $75 and may be shot by either staff photographers or freelancers.
  • Photographers are assigned according to schedule availability, location of the shoot, and areas of expertise.
  • For shoots outside of the Newark campus, local freelancers may be used to reduce drive time and cost to units.
  • OCM understands that some units have staff who capture images to use on UD collateral. To ensure the highest quality images are used to represent UD, images submitted to OCM that are substandard may not be used in OCM-produced materials, which include but are not limited to websites, social media, videos, and printed materials.
  • Original photography should be used in all materials produced – whether in print and online – for the University of Delaware, e.g. no stock images of people or places, as it is important to ensure the University is not being misrepresented through imagery that is not reflective of the true campus environment or community. The only exception is the use of graphic representations of objects, e.g. computer circuitry or a football, which must be copyright free to use.
  • In some cases, there will be a charge for work that is not critical to advancing the University, and the person submitting the request will be informed of any charges when the work is scheduled.  At that point, the requesting department can decide to proceed with the work or not.

A few examples of work that WOULD BE charged:

  • Portraits of students for their personal use on LinkedIn
  • Social gatherings, including dinners, luncheons or parties
  • Retirement parties
  • Poster sessions
  • Internal use stories or images for department email blasts
  • Receptions/Tailgates
  • Group photos of Departments for Departmental websites
  • Individual student/faculty headshots on location
  • Lectures/Off Campus Guests/Visiting Scholars
  • Photos of faculty for Departmental websites
  • Networking events/Career Fairs
  • Conferences/Symposiums/Poster Sessions
  • Outreach
  • Award  Ceremonies
  • Concerts
  • Sporting Events
  • Sorority/Fraternity Events
  • Theater department
  • English Language Institute

In most cases, this type of photography can be suitably captured by the requesting unit using their own camera or smart phone.

Graduate and undergraduate student guidelines:

Due to the overwhelming demand for graduate and undergraduate portraits and staffing limitations, OCM will no longer photograph student portraits. Listed below are local vendors that have experience providing these services to the University community and can be contacted directly. We encourage you to reach out to them directly for their pricing and availability.

(one hour minimum may apply)

Doug Baker

Keep in mind

  • Standard sizes for black and white prints are 4×5, 5×7, 8×10 and 11×14.
  • Standard sizes for color prints (depending on the size of the negative) are: 3-1/2×5, 4×5, 5×7,8×10 and 11×14.
  • Negatives are kept on file for five years before they are stored in University Archives. Any reprint order using negatives in Archives requires three additional working days.
  • The normal turnaround for work is approximately one week, depending on the size of job and time of the year.
  • Our standard photography rate is $75.00 per hour for all photographers. If, due to special circumstances, a higher rate must be charged, you will be given an estimate for approval.
  • If minors are in the photograph, you must make arrangements in advance to have release forms signed.

Order a photo shoot online.

Photo reprints

For reprint orders, please call 302-831-1150, and have ready the following information:

  • The contact sheet
  • Size of print
  • Number of the negatives desired (this number is located at the bottom or side of each frame)
  • Quantity of prints needed from each negative
  • The date the event took place
  • The name of the event or person who was photographed
  • The date you need your reprints

Keep in mind

Negatives are kept on file for five years before they are stored in University Archives. Any reprint order using negatives from Archives requires three additional working days.

Order photo reprints online.
NOTICE: Please allow 72 workday hours for all photo print/reprint requests.

Price List

Service Charge Comment
Photography Studio Portraits
Plus cost of prints
On-Location Portraits/ Assignments (includes studio set-ups or location in b/w or color)
$75 per hour
Plus cost of prints Minimum charge one hour. All expenses (such as film processing, mileage, meals, download time and photo retouching) will be billed to client. If freelance photographer used, client charged their rate.
Digital Prints 4×6 photo inkjet print
Min ½ hr set-up for client-provided
5×7 photo inkjet print
8×10 or 8-1/2×11 photo inkjet print
11×14 photo inkjet print
Additional sizes available upon request
Available through outside services
Other Services Web Galleries
Delivery By e-mail, CD, DropBox or download site