“I learned new education technology options (Second Life) and worked on projects (developed patient/client/family education classes). The Honors program enabled me to reach my full potential.”
Danielle Jacoby, Class of 2014

Where are our graduates?

Our graduates are employed in a variety of health care settings including schools, hospital, occupational health, nurse managed health centers, federally qualified health centers, military treatment facilities, political arena, public health, and serving in a variety of roles, educator, researcher, and administrator.

Alumni Contacts
Graduate student opportunities in advanced practice nurse programs for Clinical Nurse Specialist, Nurse Practitioner, Certified Nurse Midwife, and Nurse Anesthetist.

9 Reasons for Honors Nursing

  1. Interact with other Honors students
  2. Live in the Honors dorm, Louis Redding Hall, a new addition to East Campus
  3. Get involved with faculty research, including on-line support for family caregivers, movement disorders, and smoking cessation
  4. Gain additional clinical experiences early in the curriculum including field trips to The Body Works exhibit, Longwood Gardens to study plants used in medicine, and to a funeral home
  5. Take part in clinical experiences at multiple sites during senior courses, including centers for treatment of eating disorders and drug and alcohol abuse
  6. Experience public policy in action through a field trip to Legislative Hall and campaign experiences
  7. Participate in Study Abroad in South Africa, France, Peru, Australia, and other countries
  8. Make long-lasting friendships with a supportive group of students to collaborate on interesting projects, shadowing experiences, and field trips
  9. Challenge yourself to go above and beyond, participating in academic endeavors open only to Honors nursing students

Honors Program Testimonials

“The nursing program is undeniably challenging, but it also includes so many awesome opportunities to expand your reach as an individual, particularly if you are in the Honors program.”
Jenny Fei, change of major, premed, Class of 2014

“Being in the honors program makes you a step ahead in getting yourself to stand out in the UD nursing community.”
Brittany Drazich, Class of 2013

“The extra projects, field experiences, and hands-on learning experiences challenged me and pushed me to better understand the material and apply it practically.”
Emily Holian, Class of 2013

“I specifically enjoyed the pharmacology experience, where we watched medications being prepared and administered in a hospital pharmacy.”
Jaci Crowley, Class of 2011Honors Program

“Overall, the Honors program allowed us to enhance our classroom and clinical time with extra field experiences, research, and discussions. It was a beneficial and important experience at the University of Delaware for me.”
Elizabeth (Liz) McLean, Class of 2011

Honors Program

The School of Nursing Honors Programbuilds on and reflects the UD Honors Program. The program values and promotes unique opportunities for Honors students including increased depth of exploration of course content, working side-by-side with faculty on their research, and experiencing clinical practice at more than one site for a course. In addition, Honors students have initiated and been major contributors to service-learning activities.