Daily Themes

  • Monday – Understanding Diabetes
  • Tuesday – Physical Activity and You
  • Wednesday – Nutrition and You
  • Thursday – Stress and You
  • Friday – Putting It All Together

Pool Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Pool Days

Pool Rules:

  • No diving in the lap-pool
  • Emergency alert = 3 whistles
  • All participants must be able to swim
  • No pool toys allowed
  • If using the toy boards provided, you MUST be swimming
  • No inflatable fins allowed; only life vests (non-inflatable) if needed
  • No standing on kick-boards
  • No playing/standing/hanging on diving blocks
  • Put all UD toys away after use
  • No goggles or hair-ties if using the diving boards
  • If using diving boards, only use the middle or low dive boards


Graduation is held on Friday at 2 p.m., with refreshments immediately following. Parents are allowed to take their children home after graduation has concluded.