Post-Masters Doctor of Nursing Practice 

This program is designed for nurses who have a Master’s in Nursing degree and hold national certification in an area of advanced nursing practice.The post-master’s DNP program is a 36 credit program that can be completed full or part-time.  To ensure that all students have 1000 clinical hours upon graduation, an additional credits (1-3) will be required in a clinical immersion final course, depending on the number of clinical hours completed in the previous master’s program.   The pathway through the program will vary based upon applicant credentials and career goals. The plan of study for the post-master’s DNP can be completed in either 2 or 3 years. If a student desires another clinical certification in a different focus area, additional coursework will be required.

Clinical Requirements:

A total of 1000 clinical hours is needed for a DNP degree. 336 indirect hours are included in the DNP program. Your transcript will be evaluated for your advanced practice clinical hours from your Master’s degree and additional clinical hours may be required to ensure that you have 1000 total hours. View Admission Requirements here.

Part-Time Post-Master's DNP Plan of Study
Semester/Course Number/Title Credit/Clinical Hours
Summer Year 1
 NURS 667: Statistical Research Methods 3
Fall Year 1
NURS 881: Population Health I 3
NURS 813: Leadership & Innovation
in Population Health
Spring Year 1
 NURS 882: Population Health II 3
NURS 844: Population Healthcare Informatics 3
 Summer Year 2
 NURS 883: Evidence Based Practice I: Methods 3
 Fall Year 2
 NURS 873: DNP Project I: Problem Identification 3 (112 Hours)
 Spring Year 2
NURS 843: Policy & Finance for Healthcare Delivery 3
NURS 886: Evidence Based Practice II: Translation 3
Summer Year 3
NURS 874: DNP Project II: Planning & Development 3 (112 Hours)
Fall Year 3
NURS 900: DNP Project III: Implementation 3 (112 Hours)
NURS 870: Writing for Dissemination 2
NURS 852: Integrated Healthcare Delivery I 3
 Spring Year 2
 NURS 910: DNP Project IV: Evaluation & Dissemination 1
NURS 920: Clinical Role Immersion Variable (56-168 Hours)