Doctor of Nursing Practice Program 

The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program prepares graduates to perform at the highest level of advanced clinical nursing practice. A DNP degree prepares nurses to lead healthcare delivery and influence health policy. UD’s program has a population health focus and prepares students to become leaders in practice innovation and development of health systems management to improve the health of diverse populations.

This practice doctoral program is designed to prepare experts in specialized advanced nursing practice. Students will develop their APRN roles through integrative and intense practice immersion experience DNP students work to translate knowledge and improve healthcare delivery and outcomes through the development, implementation, and evaluation of the DNP project.

Working together with experienced faculty and practice experts on their evidence-based practice projects, students gain real world experience as healthcare change leaders.


Admission to the program is open to students with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in nursing and U.S. licensure as an RN. A combination of online and immersive learning experiences offers flexibility and convenience for students. Expert faculty with a commitment to student learning and success provide guidance and mentorship during your educational journey. Students with a bachelor’s degree in nursing and want to become nurse practitioners may choose one of the following advanced practice tracks:

These programs can be completed in 3 years full-time or 5 years part-time.


Students who have master’s degrees in nursing and certification as an APRN may choose to complete the Post-Master’s DNP with or without an additional clinical concentration. The program without an additional clinical concentration can be completed in 2 years full-time and 4 years part-time. Completion time for an additional concentration will be variable.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The University of Delaware is required to comply with state and federal laws regarding the delivery of distance education.  Please see the University’s State Authorization page for more information.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to take the GRE’s?
A: No. The GRE is no longer a requirement of the graduate application process.

Q: Do I need a Delaware nursing license if I live in another state?
A: Graduate students are required to have a Delaware nursing license.

Q:Can I do the clinical rotations in my own state, or do I need to do the clinical in DE?
A: Clinical rotations can be done in any state. Clinical rotations are subject to final approval by the faculty member teaching the course. Contractual arrangements must be made between each clinical agency and the University of Delaware.

Q:Can any of the courses taken in another graduate program be counted toward this degree?
A:Up to nine graduate credits may be transferred from another graduate program, pending approval of the course by the Director of Graduate Practice Programs.

Q: How long do I have to complete course requirements? 
A: Students must complete all course requirements within five years of matriculation.

Q: How often do I have to come to campus in Newark, DE?
A: The courses are offered online with some oncampus learning experiences. Students may be required to be on campus between 2-8 days a semester

Q: Where can I learn more about certification? 
A: The following web sites can provide additional information on certification.

April 15 Summer start  – July 15 Fall start