“My experience as a Buxbaum Scholar was truly one of a kind and instrumental in my deciding to move forward with my own doctoral studies. As a Buxbaum Scholar I developed an affinity for research, and began the learning process of conducting my own research, which was eventually published.” Katie Haigh

Graduate Buxbaum Scholar (2007)

“Becoming a Buxbaum Scholar has provided me with the opportunity to advance myself academically, professionally, and personally. As an undergraduate, I was able to work with likeminded professionals, both faculty and peers on matters, which impacted the field of gerontology. In doing so, I was presented with the unique opportunity to attend several professional conferences and exchange ideas with leaders in the nursing community. As a graduate student, I have seen an increase in the content and character of my work. The projects I am working on directly impact past, present, and future concerns in the field of gerontology. Altogether, receiving the Buxbuam Scholarship has aided me in my development as a professional, while allowing me to place a primary focus in my field interest.” Matthew Koterwas

Undergraduate (2007-09) and Graduate (2014-16) Buxbaum Scholar

 Chair of Nursing Science: 377 McDowell Hall  |  831.8392         Gerontology Resource Room: 207A McDowell Hall          Conference Room:  221 McDowell Hall  |  831.0173