NAN Family Corner

Maura McNutt 19′ and Marie Pye McNutt 84′

When I sat down with Maura and asked her Sophomore year was going she said  she” just “walked onto the Varsity Lacross team at UD only weeks ago”, and was previously playing club at UD as a freshman.  She is an active member of SNO and serves as a Nursing Ambassador providing tours to prospective freshmen.  She is feeling more grounded in her sophomore year (after passing all her organic chem and such) and loves being in the thick of nursing now and interacting with her nursing professors and of course putting on her crisp UD Nursing scrubs.

Per Maura, Marie who attend George Mason for her CNS in Pediatrics, worked pediatric oncology ICU in VA and worked in NJ in the same capacity/area of nursing.  College of NJ for School Nursing certificate after raising her children and has been working at least 10 years in that capacity.  Summers off and same schedule (as her 3 children), school nursing was better fit as a mom than the night shift hospital based schedule and that is the great thing about nursing, the flexibility!  Maura looked up to her mom as “cool under pressure with medical emergencies and wanted to be like her.  Maura had no idea she would end up at UD like her mom and truly following in her footsteps.