The NMR Laboratory

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Solid State AVIII 600

049A BRL

The AVIII 600 MHz is a three-channel NMR spectrometer equipped with probes for solid-state and semi-solid (HR-MAS) applications.  Two 3.2 mm triple-resonance E-free solid state probes are used for 13C, 15N, 77Se, 2H, and low resolution 1H experiments. EFree probes are ideal for isotopically enriched and high salt samples. These probes use sample amounts of up to 50 mg and a maximum spinning speed of 24 kHz.

This instrument is also equipped with a 4mm HR-MAS probe for semi-solid sample analysis.

We accept instrument reservation requests on a rolling basis. To request instrument time, contact Dr. Cait Quinn (  Users without training who wish to acquire data or those interested in receiving training should review the new user information and contact Cait.