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Bruker AV850 NMR SpectrometerThe Bruker AVIII 850 MHz NMR spectrometer, with an actively shielded standard bore magnet, is capable of performing both solution and solid-state NMR measurements. The spectrometer console is configured with four RF channels and a parallel-receiver data acquisition system. With the ultra-high magnetic field and a large collection of solution and solid-state NMR probes, the 850 MHz NMR spectrometer covers a broad range of applications from inorganic material, synthetic organic polymeric materials to structure and dynamic studies in structural biology.

The Bruker AVIII 850 MHz NMR spectrometer is equipped with the following proheads:

Solid-state Magic Angle Spinning (MAS) Probes:

  • 1.3 mm HCN MAS (up to 65 kHz)
  • 1.9 mm HCN MAS (up to 35 kHz)
  • 1.6 mm HDXY MAS (up to 40 kHz)
  • 1.9 mm XH MAS (up to 35 kHZ)
  • 3.2 mm XH MAS (up to 25 kHz)
  • EFree 3.2 HXY MAS (up to 25 kHz)

Solution NMR Probes:

  • 5 mm HCN triple- resonance TXI probe
  • 5 mm  double-resonance BBO probe

Funding Information:

Acquisition of an 850 MHz NMR Spectrometer for Interdisciplinary Research at the University of Delaware”, NSF MRI-R2 0959496 (Principal Investigator: Tatyana Polenova, Co-principal Investigators: Cecil Dybowski, and Sharon Rozovsky), 2010 – 2013