Reopening of the CBC NMR Laboratory

As the majority NMR users have been vaccinated, we decided to open the NMR Core Lab to all students and faculty users who have been trained to use the spectrometers immediately.
The maximum number of occupancies for 045 BRL and 049 BRL is 3 and 6, respectively.  Please choose another time to enter the lab if there are already 3 or 6 people in 045 and 049 BRL.  All University Covid-19 rules on social distance and face masks must be observed.
Briefly, one must wash hands before entering the lab, must follow the traffic flow as indicated on the floor, and must disinfect the sample depth gage, instrument touch pads, and work desktops after using the instrument. Please refers to an one-page Covid-19 lab access guidelines for details.
No access to the lab during 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM on Mondays, reserved for cryogenic services and weekly lab disinfection,   except NMR staff.
We will resume the user training programs with smaller groups immediately. Curetain NMR spectrometers may be closed to the general use if a training session is scheduled or in progress.