In the event of an accidental blood borne pathogen exposure (e.g. needle stick), the NMPCC provides the following healthcare services:

  • Initial Injury Treatment
  • Immunization, if required
  • Baseline and monitoring laboratory analysis
  • Follow-up care and counseling

Bloodborned Pathogen Exposure and Injury Policy and Procedure
(All required forms are included in this document)

Student Policy
Per the Blood Borne Pathogen Student Waiver, students assume financial responsibility for all costs associated with post-exposure medical management and treatment. The NMPCC accepts the student accident and sickness insurance plan (Multi-plan) and most third-party medical insurance plans – Highmark/DE, Aetna, Cigna, Medicare, Medicaid (DPCI, UHC-Community Plan). If the student is not able to provide health insurance information or payment at time of service, the student will be billed. The NMPCC will assist the student with health insurance reimbursement process as needed, or with navigating mechanisms for payment of services.