What is Health Coaching?

Health coaching is typically conducted in the context of disease prevention and/or chronic condition self-management within public and private sector health services. Clinical health coaches also work in the area of human performance. It is suitable for interdisciplinary teams of health professionals within chronic disease prevention, early intervention, rehabilitation and other chronic condition self-management programs as well as to support optimal health and wellness.

Clinical health coaching techniques enable efficient use of consultation time by focusing on what patients can actively do to improve their health. The Model promotes patients’ responsibility for their own health management. Consultations can be face-to-face, telephone- or video-based, or within a group setting.

Current Clinic Programming :

One on One Health Coaching

Patients bring to the coach information and recommendations from their treatment providers and work with the coach to decide which ones to enact and most importantly how to do so in a way they can gain and sustain the skills necessary to improve their overall health outcomes. Our clinical health coaches also help connect client/patients with both internal and external resources and referrals appropriate to the needs of the client/patient

ANEW (Aligning Nutrition Exercise and Wellbeing)

A program aimed at helping individuals improve their health through nutrition, exercise and wellbeing group coaching sessions. These sessions increase overall understanding of personal nutrition and exercise and support healthy lifestyle change through targeted goal setting. Certified Health Coaches, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Exercise Physiologist present education in a group format with ongoing coaching support throughout the 10-week program.

Employee Wellness Programming

The clinic offers Health Coaching programs focused around physical activity, nutrition and wellbeing in an employee wellness environment. Employees may participate in both the wellness programming as well as individual health coaching.

Biometric Screening & Health Coaching Session

Health Coaches perform a basic biometric screen including blood pressure and a lipid panel (non-fasting blood glucose and non-fasting cholesterol). Screening results are discussed with the client and the remainder of the hour long session is focused on client-driven goal setting for improved overall health outcomes. Referrals to appropriate health professionals may be offered if needed.

Are You…

  • struggling with your health?
  • wrestling with unhealthy habits?
  • unable to follow your doctor’s advice?
  • or just need to become healthier

A Health Coach can: 

  • Help you achieve a healthier lifestyle
  • Improve health outcomes
  • Enhance your overall care
  • Give you more control over your health
  • Reduce the effects of chronic conditions
  • Provide tailored programs to help you meet your
    health goals
  • Improve relationships with your health care professional

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