Students in the Sustainable Places Research (SUPER) Group

Zoē Ketola is currently a PhD student in Energy & Environmental Policy at the Joseph R. Biden, Jr. School of Public Policy & Administration at the University of Delaware. Her research centers on energy justice and collaborative approaches to support community priorities through energy transitions. She primarily focuses on community engaged brownfield redevelopment and supportive policy that ensures community wellbeing and justice are at the core of transition efforts. She has contributed to work for the Sloan Foundation on pumped underground storage hydropower and has reported to the Natural Hazards Center at University of Colorado regarding energy service security. She is a recipient of the Unidel Distinguished Graduate Scholar Award at the University of Delaware. Prior to her time at the University of Delaware, Zoē received a BS of Engineering from Michigan Technological University (MTU) and briefly worked as an engineer in the power sector before returning to MTU to pursue a MS of Environmental & Energy policy.

Keihan Hassanzadehkermanshahi is pursuing a Ph.D. in Energy and Environmental Policy at the Biden School of Public Policy and Administration, University of Delaware. His academic journey began with an undergraduate degree in urban planning from the Art University of Isfahan, followed by a graduate degree in Regional Planning from the University of Tehran. His research interests revolve around the intersection of regional planning and environmental policy. Specifically, he is dedicated to exploring the effectiveness of growth management plans in mitigating urban sprawl and addressing its enduring consequences, such as urban heat island effects. His prior research endeavors have centered on various aspects of urban sustainability, transportation planning, and the impacts of urban heat islands. Through his academic and research pursuits, he aspires to contribute valuable insights to the fields of urban planning and environmental policy, ultimately striving to create more sustainable and resilient communities

Ayesha Bilal is a doctoral candidate at the Biden School of Public Policy and Administration. She is currently working on research on Form-Based Codes and Public Participation in the United States. She is passionate about inclusive urban planning and sustainable solutions to problems related to conventional zoning. Ayesha is engaged with several research projects under Dr. Nina David’s supervision.