Neighborhood Planning Lab/Studio

Enhancing the liveability of two near-campus neighborhoods in Ypsilanti, Michigan

This project was completed as part of a graduate planning studio. The overarching question was

“How can near campus neighborhoods be made sustainable, unique, vibrant, stable, and safe?”

Students specifically applied this question to two near-campus neighborhoods in Ypsilanti: the midtown and riverside neighborhoods.

They deconstructed the above primary question in the following ways:

  1. How can neighborhoods evolve as the site for University Community Engagement?
  2. How can planners preserve, enhance and expand a neighborhood’s residential environment?
    1. How can student rental housing be better integrated into neighborhoods so as to contribute to the neighborhood being a cohesive unit?
  3.  How can neighborhoods serve as sites for the production of social capital?
    1. How do you specifically plan for social interactions in neighborhoods that are constantly in flux?
  4. How can neighborhoods be better planned to enhance inter and intra neighborhood connectivity?
    1. How can planners enhance the uniqueness and diversity of neighborhoods while at the same time ensuring that the neighborhood unit functions well within the city as a whole?
  5. How can we “sustain” neighborhoods over the long-term?
  6. How can planners encourage local, neighborhood centered economic development?

Neighborhood planning