In the coming months, CampusPress will be retiring a large number of themes from our WordPress network on
There are two primary reasons for retiring these themes:
  1. Many of our themes have been around for several years, and are outdated in both style and coding practices.  This includes themes we formerly offered before we migrated to CampusPress for hosting.
  2. Google is now penalizing sites that aren’t mobile friendly. We will therefore only be supporting mobile friendly themes going forward.
Beginning on May 5th, we will display a notification in the dashboard of any site using one of the retired themes which will ask the user to change to a newer theme. At this time, the retired themes will disappear from the available themes list as well.
Then, on July 7th, any site that is still using a retired theme will be switched automatically to the default theme.

UPDATE 5/13/2015: Retired themes will include the following (no. in parentheses = sites using on 4/29/2015):

anarchy Headway Base (16) Press Row (3)
anarchy UD (2) jQ (3) Simpla
Atahualpa UD (31) Liquorice (4) Simpla UD (4)
Blue Green (1) Mandigo (9) Twenty Ten (79)
Blue Green UD (11) Mandigo UD (30)  
Clear Line (86) Misty Look (5)  
Connections Reloaded (10) Misty Look UD (41)  
Connections Reloaded UD (18) Mystique (1)  
Edublogs Default (7) OceanWide (5)  
All themes that are being retired are no longer available for you to select from the Themes page.
We offer classes on selecting and implementing WordPress themes through ConnectingU. Please see this link to ConnectingU
for more information.