I am a geographer interesting in ageism, the ageing society, and later life care systems. Under the argument that matters of later-life care are a social problem, I explore dynamic emotions of older adults having chronic illnesses and care workers as lens to reveal how the groups of people and their daily places interact with socio-political structures (Health care systems).  I conduct research at the University of Delaware in the Department of Geography & Spatial Science under the supervision of Julie Klinger.  And, I am a member of Embodiment Lab directed by Lindsay Naylor and Paul Jackson.

As a gerontological geographer, I am particularly interested in examining how current society produces old and sick bodies and treats them and I pursue a materialization of relationships between body and mind by visualizing emotions of old and sick people.  I ultimately seek to make better U.S. later-life care systems, not end of life care. I intentionally draw from frameworks in critical and health geopolitics and mind-body philosophies to ground theoretical research. My research regional is North America.

I currently live in Newark, DE.

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