Octet RH16









  • Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) is a label free analysis technique that measures the change in thickness a biolayer (typically due to binding events) on the surface of a sensor. 
  • Octet is the leading line of analytical instruments for precisely and accurately monitor binding of molecules to a biosensor in real time using BLI and Dip and Read™ biosensors.
  • By monitoring interactions between molecules bound to a biosensor (e.g., a ligand) and molecules of interest (e.g., an analyte), information about the concentration of the analyte, binding specificity, the kinetics of the interaction, and structural information can be determined.
  • To reserve Octet instrument time, you may log into your iLAB account and choose “Schedule Equipment” to book your slot. For external users, please contact us first to get price/rate information and the access to the Octet lab.
  • The facility also provides four types of biosensors that were purchased in bulk from Sartorius,  Anti-Glutathione-S-Transferase (GST), Anti-Penta-HIS (HIS1K), Protein A (ProA), and Streptavidin (SA) Biosensors. You may request these tips through iLAB. 
  • Standard operating procedure.

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