For proteomics sample submission:

  • What sample types are acceptable?
    We only accept dried peptide samples. If you plan to submit raw materials (e.g., cell pellets, tissues, or protein lysate) or samples in solution, please contact us first.
  • What sample volumes are acceptable?
    Sample volume does not matter.
  • How would I get the data?
    You will get protein results (in spreadsheets) through email and mass spec raw data (in .raw format) through our computer server. External users will get raw data via “wetransfer” or from public servers (e.g., MassIVE database).
  • When would I get data after sample submission?
    We try our best to maintain the instrument functional 24/7. We will run your samples as soon as we can, but due to the limited capacity of the single proteomics mass spec and high sample volume, please allow at least two weeks of turnaround time.
  • Can I send email inquiry about sample status?
    Inquiry within two weeks of sample submission will NOT be responded. You will be updated on the sample status if you do not get data within two weeks. Please be noted that the samples will not be run until a corresponding iLAB request is submitted.
  • Large sample set submission
    If you plan to submit a large sample set all at once (e.g., ‚Č• 40 samples), please schedule with us for the instrument time before submission.
  • Multiple request submission¬†
    Please do NOT request different mass spec services in the same iLAB request. For instance, you should submit intact mass measurement, and protein digest samples in different iLAB requests.
  • Tips to avoid confusion and delay:
    a). Please label sample tubes with your initial (e.g., AB #1; AB, #2; …), on BOTH caps and tube wall.
    b). Please do NOT use parafilm to wrap sample tubes.

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