Chem 334H. Honors Organic Chemistry Laboratory

Spring 2018

Honors Organic Chemistry Laboratory gives students an opportunity to perform organic research in a faculty research lab. Please see the Syllabus below for further information.

Syllabus: Chem 334H Syllabus 2018-1sta8fr

Apply online ( Please note if you have already spoken with a professor about doing research that is eligible for Chem 334H credit. Applications are due Mon, Nov 27, 2017!


– You may perform research either in Winter or Spring 2018. (Credit given in Spring 2018)

– Your research must have a significant component of organic synthesis.

– You may indicate your preferred research area and adviser in your application.

– You must have a GPA ≥ 3.0 to take an honors class.

– A final report is required.

Spots are limited.

For any questions, please email Prof. Mary Watson (

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