Discussion Questions

 Questions about Characters


  1. Do you think that the flaws in Baba’s and Amir’s characters are the outcome of their actions, or are they innate?
  2. What do you think Amir’s actions toward Hassan reveal about his character? How about the way he perceives his relationship with Baba?
  3. What can be said about Baba, based on the loyalty shown to him by Ali and Rahim Khan?
  4. What role does jealousy play in Amir’s life and decision-making?
  5. How big of an impact do you feel Rahim Khan really had on Amir?
  6. Do you think simply rescuing and adopting Sohrab is enough for Amir to fully redeem himself, at least in his own eyes?
  7. How true is the statement, “Like father, like son,” for Baba and Amir?

Questions about Symbols


  1. What is the significance of the various physical deformities that are illustrated in the novel (e.g., Hassan’s cleft lip, Farid’s missing fingers and toes, the scar on Amir’s face)?
  2. What do kite-fighting and kite-running represent in The Kite Runner and why are they so important?
  3. What is the significance of rape in the novel and which characters does it impact the most?

Questions about Guilt


  1. Why do you think Amir carries the weight of Hassan’s rape throughout his whole life?
  2. Is guilt the only reason that Baba does charitable work, like building the orphanage, giving money to his friends in need, etc.?
  3. What constitutes redemption in the novel? Is it possible for Amir and Baba to fully atone for their actions?

Questions about Relationships 


  1. Why is Amir so afraid to be Hassan’s true friend?
  2. Do you think Amir feel threatened by Hassan?
  3. In what ways does Amir try to strengthen his relationship with Baba?
  4. How does Amir’s relationship with Hassan mirror Baba’s relationship with Ali? Are Baba’s and Amir’s betrayals and similarities in their relationships with their servants similar or different?
  5. How does Baba try to connect with, and be there for, Hassan throughout the novel?



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